Friday, February 14, 2014

Not bad for old school "console" pinball

Some time ago I bought a controller

for some pinball game for either 50 cents or maybe a dollar..
Never used it because I thought it needed a, well, you know, game, to be controlled !
 Turns out, no.. it *was* the game..
Shows how much of a "gamer" I am ;-)
Anyways, seems all I needed to do was put in batteries, and plug it into the TV, just like the really old nintendos.
It had typical early 90's tables, but a fair decent job of 4 different tables

I didn't get enough photos because I think the camera was full..
The thing that got me was that it played really really well! The ball behaved quite well for an early 90s table, and the controller was very accurate and responsive. Had it's own plunger too!
Not bad for a buck.. Although nowadays you can get really slick high calibre tables for $2.99, they don't come with a controller !
And frankly, there won't ever be any that do. The $2.99 app price for all these games has killed dedicated digital pinball games forever, sadly...
Just thought I'd post some pics about this funky score!

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