Thursday, January 16, 2014

26 million on Crystal Caliburn

A new best for me.. Now I know there's pinball "pros" who can wipe this but for me it's my best yet.. and it's because I have finally discovered a way to increase the size of the table in OSX to fill the whole screen.
If you're running something newer than Snow Leopard you're SOL, sorry. From Lion and on, they simply disabled Rosetta for no good reason. They didn't *have* to, you know. But it seemed like a good idea to Apple to put thousands of PPC OSX developers out of work (including Little Wing Pinball, who have gone belly up thanks to Apple), and millions of $ worth of good applications into the dustbin. After all, Apple "cares" about you..
Anyways, if you still have Snow Leopard, all your Little Wing pinballs will still work.
The older PPC ones though, are really small on a 1680 x 1050 monitor
and you have to squint to see the ball. I tried all sorts of ideas like running the windows one via Wine, but it was useless. Until it occurred to me that the "Universal Access" "zoom" option was perfectly suited for this. With the Ctl key down and scrolling up, you can magnify the screen, and the table also, in this case:
It did take me a few tries to get it properly centered...
And how abot that high score, eh? 26 million!
Anyways, I hope the seggestion on how to increase the size of the table will breath new life into the game, for some people!

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