Friday, June 7, 2013

WELL, after a long time, i hav e 'net access again.. Yay!

So, one of the first things I did, was see what was new out there as regards pinball.. and did find some things.
 First.. all the Android pinballs can now be played on a Mac..
Also, there's more OSX pinballs..
 And... I managed to get Visual Pinball running nicely on my Mac also...
 Here's a screenshot of a couple of my favorites..

Also, there's an Android "app player" called Bluestacks.. that also is good for pinballs.. I tink it's best for those ones that are only available as phone apps.. What is amazing, is how games made for a small phone screen, translate to 1680x 1050.. In a million years aI woild never have thought it would work so well;
More later....

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