Sunday, December 18, 2011

There are really GOOD pinballs out there for OSX..

Why i spent so much effort reviewing the new BAKNO pinball and not also the really top rate pinballs that also exist stumps me.. so i will now resolve that..
Starting with one called Pinball HD..
Back when I first got into computers, a game of this calibre would easily cost 40$.. however, maybe because of the recent "device" trend to sell 'apps' at only a few $, this one also,  unlike the BAKNO one mentioned previously, at from $10 - 20$ , this one only sold for less than 5$..
And what a deal it was...
This is the screen you first see when starting up..
You see there are three different tables "The Deep", "Wild West", and "Jungle Style"
The Deep looks like this..once you have gotten past the introduction (which can be bypassed, and only happens at the start of a new game).
I selected 'resume" after starting the pinball up, even though I hadn't played it in a month, it was right where i had left off back then...
Now I switched to 'Wild West".. which is the simplest table of the three, but still has that exceptionally smooth ballplay that the game boasts..
My favorite, though, has to be the "Jungle Style" table. It has four flippers, as opposed to the 2 of the other tables, and the detail on this table, and amount of bumpers, and other interesting things,  are amazing, ..

That's all for now.. but have a closer look at all the detail of all these tables... until I return with an other review of  one of the other good pins for OSX.. which will be the new port of "Pinball Dreams" to the Mac.. an exceptional job , too..
And PS.. remember, click on any picture for a full screen rendering of the shot, at 1680x1050..
See you!

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