Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pinball Dreams for Mac OSX

Yup.. it exists.. really!...... HERE
Anyone who played PC pinball 20 years ago will remember Pinball Dreams.. it belonged to a group of pinballs that were considered at the time, as good as it got, which included 8 ball deluxe and the other two Amtex pinballs, Pinball fantasies, Epic Pinball etc..
 I hadn't played it for some time until i found the Visual & Future Pinball ports of it, which were, I thought, all that existed for Pinball Dreams, and unfortunately, only on Windows..
That's changed now, however, with the recent release of the Mac version.
And... it's GOOOD...
Without further ado.. here's some screenshots...
first the initial startup screen shows one of the four tables.. here is "Ignition"..
To the top left is the controls info dialog.. for more info there's arrows to scroll between screens..
and the top right of the screen is the settings dialog..
and back to the tables screen.. this next one is the sort of wild west one "Steel Wheel"
next is "Beat Box"
and the last one to choose from is the awesome Nightmare, here called"Graveyard"

After selecting a table, you get this screen... for Graveyard, for example)
although there's options for three modes of display, such as moving and such, I prefer this one where I can see the entire table
And here's another, "Beatbox"
I'd like to mention that the sounds are not only authentic to the original game, but really high resolution too...
And now a shot of "steel Wheel"...

And last but not least of them... "Ignition"..
More later , Folks!

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