Friday, November 25, 2011

The Table Editor for Mac Pinball

OK.. i rebooted and it didn't crash on me this time (that seems to be the ticket for the moment)
So I took a few screen shots of the table editor...
Here is the default screen you see on choosing 'editor'
If you want to actually find out how to use it though, you'll need a little help..
And that's just what you get.. a "little' help file.
As it scrolls down, and the window isn't resizeable , in order to see the entire help file, i scrolled down and pasted the rest of the file onto the screen shot, so now you can read the whole help file in one go!
You can move the table around, and change its orientation..

as well as there being several blank templates to choose from

That's all for now.. I have to say.. this is a HUGE improvement over the previous MacPinball aka Pinball...
I actually found myself playing it for half an hour.. just to see all the tables..

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