Friday, November 25, 2011

A new MacPinball

Well, it used to be called 'MacPinball' but since already the previous release they shortened it to just 'pinball' .. i guess there aren't enough games with that name yet (!)..
And quite frankly.. it sucked..
Here's a shot of it.. after a couple of minutes you pretty much had as much as you could take of it...
There's just nothing to it.. no adjustability.. doesn't even fill the screen.. dull.. i could go on..
Well.. they must have taken letters of criticism (including mine, i might add) to heart..
They completely redid it...
Here is the startup settings dialog .. it's not enabled by default, which is one of the many defaults they got really wrong (more on that later).. but you can enable it by pressing the option key *before* startup..
You'll notice that there is not only the option to choose between windowed and full, but the resolution is selectable also (I chose the maximum for my Mac, which was 1680x1050.. here's what that looks like now..
It scrolls during play.. as shown below..

You can also select camera give a more full view of the table..

There are apparently, 10 tables to choose from.. here's a few...

Unfortunately, that's all the screen shots I could give you.. there is also a table editor window, where you can *design your own tables!*
.... cool.. but it keeps crashing on me after startup.. the only way I've been able to play it is to re-boot first, and make it the first application I open..
Although I think the problem is actually the recent latest updates to Snow Leopard, after which my computer has become unresponsive and dog slow, and memory management is a joke now, there's little I can do about it..
They *could* adjust the defaults however.. the camera angles are not controlled by the arrow keys, but A,S,Z, & X.. leaving the arrow keys (like a cheap flash pinball) for the flippers.
The shift keys are not assignable, and if you want to use the Z and / for flippers, you must first re-assign the tilt and shake keys, to leave room for the camera keys to be re-assigned, to the shift keys, to then re-assign the z and / for flippers, and then re-assign the arrow keys to the camera angles and then the return for the launch...
 It took me HALF AN HOUR to figure this out..

It still crashes on me now, but when it works, it cycles between table.. instead of just racking up points, you complete a table, and then get to go on to an other table, or stay on the one you're on...
More later....!

Update: Dec 12th..
It is now up to version 8.0.10.. and no longer crasheson startup  (for me).. seems quite stable for me now..they may have had others also have this happening, and  found the problem!

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