Monday, October 28, 2013

Go see The newest pinball blog

Here is the Mac Pinball History, but it covers much more.. it has reviews of iDevice pinballs , like iPhones and iPads, neither of which I own , however, the gentleman that is in charge of this particular blog (who I am happy to say I have developed some kind of good online friendship with), does use these , as well as a Mac.. As mobile devices really appear to be the new source of virtual pinball developement, this is very interesting and always being updated. It's clear that flash pinballs, which I had assumed would make up the majority of new games for devices, didn't take off. Admittedly, on this point, nobody could be happier than I, although I have to say that I have run into a few *exceptional* and complex flash games...
   His name is Basil (Vasili), and you really should check out his site..the link's at the beginning of this article.
   PS.. he's also posted all my pinballs I am getting rid of.. several years worth of collecting from all over the globe.. check it out!

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