Saturday, April 23, 2011

Pirate Pinball Over 11 million points so far..

Let's not get confuscitated now y'all.. it's the Flash pinball, not the 'other' pirates pinball..
as in heare be low...

so now ya'll.. if you play hard you can get upwards of , like 30 thousand points..
If yer the obsessive type, tho.. and wanna make a , like, "mark" on the world, ya can try for what i did, so far..
After just 2 days straight, of playing Pirate Pinball, i got me 11 million 600 thousand points..
at 9 on saturday so:

Phew!! Who Knowz where its gonna end...!

Doccus Rockus Maximus

The 'Secret' see, is the 'Seagull shoot' .. all ya gotta do is bonk a seagull with the pinball, and ya get an extra ball.. i musta got over 50 free balls so far..

pps ...the thing that just *gets* me here.. iz i KNOW it's a virtual bird.. a 'synthetic seagull'.. but they lets out such a yelp when they get bonked by the pinball it just makes me jump
yeah, it really bugs me....but not them, so much.. they just flies off after a yelp anyways.. it's just a virtual pinball, so its gotta be light ;-)
Hey ya know i use to have a couple sorta pet seagulls, well, they just walked into my apartment one day when they were chicks, an plunked themselves on the sofa.. i guess they was lost, but after me leading them out to where 'mum' or whatever was, afterward they always came and visited... every year..
I called em Tom an Jerry..
Dont ask me which was which!

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